Garage Door Repair in West Dundee

If you have a faulty garage door, it be an invitation to criminals. If you don’t believe that, here are some statistics for you. Did you know that a burglary takes place in America every 25.7 seconds? This translates to 3,300 burglaries each day. For most of them, the point of entry is generally the rear door or the garage. Once entry is gained through the garage, access to the house is easy.

If you want to get a stronger and more secure garage door, contact J&E Garage Door today. We are the leading garage door repair and installation specialists in West Dundee. We have made a name for ourselves for our high-quality services.

Ensure a Secure Garage

There are very simple things you can do to enhance the security of your garage.

  • Regular Maintenance

The first step is regular maintenance. Over their lifespan, garages are opened and closed more than 10,000 times. With such heavy use, there is bound to be wear and tear of the parts. A few loose bolts or broken springs can make it easy for burglars to control the opening mechanism. Plus, maintenance ensures that your garage doors operate smoothly for a long time. Contact us for high quality garage door maintenance and repair in West Dundee. We also take care of garage door cables, torsion springs and the drive system.

  • Modern Security System

Next, you might want to look at installing a keyless entry system. For many thieves, picking a traditional lock is no difficult task. But the keyless entry system we offer is highly secure. One can only gain access after entering the 4-digit or 6-digit PIN. Plus, keyless entry makes life very convenient as well. You no longer need to worry about forgetting or losing your keys.

  • Sturdier Construction

You could also consider installing a sturdier garage door. If you have a fiberglass or wood composite door, you might want to switch to a steel door. Even choosing an insulated door can provide more protection. These doors are generally made using an aluminum or wooden frame. The insulation is filled and laminated between 2 panels. This gives it great durability and strength. Plus, you get insulation benefits, which means lower utility bills.

High Quality Services at Affordable Prices

At J&E Garage Door, customer satisfaction is our priority. To ensure this, we go the extra mile to offer 24/7 garage door & opener installation and repair services. We also offer same day repair and replacement for any type of garage door or opener. All our services are offered at highly affordable prices. We offer spring replacement for single door at $120 and for double door at just $170.

All our team members are highly qualified and experienced. They are put through rigorous training where they learn about all types of garage doors and openers. Our approach has helped us become one of the most trusted names in residential & commercial garage doors. We have been awarded an A+ rating from the BBB, and the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.

So, if you think “I need to fix my garage door,” contact J&E Garage Door today. You can also enquire about new garage doors for sale in West Dundee, IL.